Make it you. Make it with Mylicia.

At Mylicia we know that the users value design, whether they use orthoses or prostheses. We are determined to give the users of Mylicia freedom of choice, inspiration and the opportunity to make their own mark on the product they use. 

As a designer, you play a significant role on our platform. When making your work available to Mylicia users through our marketplace, your customer base becomes global instantly.

With our soon-to-be-launched marketplace, both users and clinics will be able to browse through an ever-growing selection of orthoses designs as well as cosmetic covers. They will also be able to request customization and amendments from you as a designer.
You will be able to showcase your entire portfolio to a global market, which will create a unique opportunity to run your own business through Mylicia, ensuring income even outside working hours.

We believe in creating magic. Together. 

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Why should my business use Mylicia?

Mylicia establishes collaboration between all parties involved, and brings in new partners that help to optimize your workflow and product portfolio. Communication will be simplified and more efficient than ever.

Should your business be unable to complete a request, you can easily involve a third party and pass it forward. 

Mylicia will reduce costs, increase efficiency, raise product quality and improve the lives of users across the globe.

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