Who you are and your uniqueness is not a limit, but an opportunity. At Mylicia, we bring together new technology, in order for you to seize this opportunity with a new approach. Mylicia is an online community powered by a cloud-based software platform. Mylicia allows you to seamlessly interact with orthotic experts, providing you a tailored product in the matter of days. 

We believe that your orthosis or prosthesis should be as YOU, as it possibly can. That means optimized design - both physically and visually.
That is exactly why Mylicia places you in the center and gives you full insight into the entire production process. Mylicia also provides personalized cosmetic covers. This way, you will be able to give your orthosis or prosthesis a unique character that is truly you. Something you will be proud to show off. 

Make it you. Make it with Mylicia.

How does Mylicia work ?

The platform digitalizes and optimizes the activities involved with tailoring, developing, designing and manufacturing orthotic products - all with the user as the main focus. 

You will have full insight into the process and direct, seamless interaction with everyone involved. This means maximum efficiency and highly accurate products, delivered in record time. 

Whether the journey starts at a clinic, a hospital or with a direct request from you, all interaction will be in one place. 

Once you have signed up to Mylicia, you will have immediate access to open- and direct communication with all parties, as well as full insight into status updates. 

Having a Mylicia account, also grants you access to our Marketplace. Here, you will be able to browse through an ever-growing selection of orthoses designs as well as cosmetic covers, in addition to requesting customization and amendments from a designer. Once you are happy with the design, it will be forwarded to the closest manufacturer - all within the platform.

The product will be delivered to you within the matter of days. 

The Cosmetic Cover

The cosmetic cover gives your orthosis or prosthesis an identity, adds a level of sophistication and turns it into a personalized statement piece. 

The cosmetic cover provides a natural shape, allowing your clothes to fit better. It goes without saying that all products are made to the highest standards and requirements. 

All covers are lightweight, comfortable and simple to use. The clip function makes it easy to put on and take off. It is designed with smooth access to charging points and controls, in order to provide you with the best experience possible.

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