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  Mylicia connects all aspects of tailored orthoses and prostheses in one user platform.
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A desire to change lives

At Mylicia, we believe in bringing orthotics into the 21st century, by revolutionizing the idea- and production process of orthoses and prostheses. Mylicia is an online community powered by a cloud based software platform that bridges the gap between the users and the orthotics industry.

Our focus is easy access to accurate and  design-forward orthotic products for everyone.

We are a diverse group of business professionals, technology experts, 3D engineers, doctors and users who aim to shape the future of the industry.

How does it work?

Mylicia allows users and experts to communicate directly with each other. This means maximum efficiency and highly accurate products, delivered in record time. The user will have insight into the entire process from start to finish and have the opportunity to request specific designs for their orthoses. Manufacturers will be able to easily communicate with each other and the user, for painless interaction throughout. 

Once one step is completed, the task will be forwarded to the next party in line until the product is finished and delivered.

Make it you.

We believe that your orthosis or prosthesis should be as YOU, as it possibly can. That means optimized design - both physically and visually.

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Show off proudly.

Mylicia also provides personalized cosmetic covers. This way, you will be able to give your orthosis or prosthesis a unique character that is truly you. Something you will be proud to show off.

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Make it you. Make it with Mylicia.

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